Blood Magic Moved, New Guide, Patreon? Forums?

Blood Magic Moved, New Guide, Patreon? Forums?

I have not updated this blog in a while but I wanted to hold off on posting anything until I had more to share. Even though it has mostly been quiet in terms of posting guides and moving guides, rest assured I am still working on a few things that should speed up the guide creation process as well as a few other things.

Blood Magic Moved, New Guide - Botania!

The Blood Magic guide has finally been moved to its own site, this will make it easier for people to access, this guide is also advertising-free and is fully searchable. The PDF version of the guide is coming, I am just looking for a way to manage downloads better.

For the past month, I have been working on the Botania guide, this can be found here again this guide is open for anyone to comment on and will be up until the last few images and edits have been done.

Vote on what's next!

I have thrown up a Straw Poll with a few options of mods I could cover next, I'll review the poll in a few weeks. Generally, I will decide on what Mod I want to cover due to my own curiosity but I think it's time I ask what the community want. I am always open for suggestions and whatever doesn't get picked this time around I will add to the next poll. - Get voting

New Guides every Month

Depending on the complexity of the mod, the amount of information out there, each guide can take up to a month. It’s a long process, I personally don't know the ins and outs of every mod out there so I tend to spend most of my time on a test world as well as on every wiki I can find.

I plan to have a new guide each month or around a month, this way I can keep the flow of guides coming at a good pace and it lets each guide that is on google doc spend around a month on Google Docs before it gets moved.


I have had a few people ask me how I manage to support the guides financially? The truth is I pour my own cash into Hosting, SSL Certificates and a few other things, it’s not a huge cost but it seems to help people. I have never asked for any donations and will never throw any advertising or paywall behind the guides if I did this it would ruin the whole concept of Minecraft Guides.

I am looking into starting a Patreon, nothing will change in terms of the guides, they will still be free, still have no advertising and there will never be any kind of paywall. I have a few ideas for rewards and hopefully, this will give people who want to support these guides by being a Patreon, a bit of an insight into how they are made and what my process is.

A Minecraft Server might also be an option but this is not something I could run on my own.


I did have forums up for just under a week but I have decided that my time is better spent creating guides than managing a forum. There are also a lot of forums already out there and I don’t think people really want to sign up to ANOTHER forum.

For now, I don’t think there is any need for a forum, people tend to pop onto discord or reach out to me via Reddit or twitter if they have any questions.

Maybe it might make sense later on but for now, there is no need.



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